We provide advisory and development services within the entire software development life-cycle.
Our core competencies lie within data science, prototyping, and IT validation.

Data Science

Data science is our core competency. We have helped clients with everything from managing data to applying advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence in order to extract value from data sets.
Our previous work includes creating data hubs, providing business intelligence tools, performing statistical analyses, and taking part in computational physiology research.


We believe in the Design Thinking methodologies and therefore believe in rapid prototyping. Proposed solutions are often better analyzed and understood when tested in a working prototype. Drawing on our start-up experiences we are effective in building working prototypes, often within days rather than weeks or months.

IT Validation

Whether working within regulated industries or adhering to personal data protection acts, it is important that one's software works as expected and is fit for intended use.
At 1 Iteration, we have experience with building and testing software and data analysis models - both within regulated industries where patient safety is at risk and for small scale, low risk websites. Therefore, we understand that different use cases call for different validation strategies.